8 tips for content writing

One of the biggest struggles content marketers have is producing enough content and simultaneously keeping the quality high. When website copy is well written, it can convey professionalism, promote trust, and can engage the reader.

Below I have listed 8 key elements to keep in mind when creating content;

1. Research

Determine who your demographic is, their age, gender, interests as this will determine the overall tone of voice for your website or blog. Using certain analytical tools you will also be able to determine your consumers behaviour, what are their wants and needs.

2. Be Relatable

Keep it simple, industry jargon can not only confuse potential customers but could possibly deter them as well. Remember your website/blog is usually the first point of contact for your consumers, so write professionally, but don’t be afraid to add character and emotion. This way readers can connect and relate to your company on a more human level.

3. Anticipate questions

Answering an audience’s questions and responding concisely is vital to gaining their trust. Understanding your demographic; what they want to know, need help with, where they can buy or sign up and what they should expect when they do, needs to be made clear and and easy to find.

4. Write for lazy readers

According to a recent study, internet users typically spend only 4.4 seconds per 100 words, reading only 28 percent of the words on an average web page. So the trick is how do you make it easy for them to digest the important information before they get bored?

Well you guessed it, I’ve included a list below of ways to make your copy easy to read;

  • Use short paragraphs – four sentences max;
  • Use short sentences – twelve on average;
  • Skip unnecessary words;
  • Avoid jargon;
  • Avoid needless repetition;
  • Address your web visitors directly. Use the word you;

From an aesthetically pleasing point of view I’d also advise that your website or blog is easy to use in regards to navigation and that the design is also transferrable across all devices (always make sure it’s accessible from mobile and tablets as well as desktop).

5. Cut through the clutter

In order to break through the volume of copy your readers face every day, you need to write something that’s completely unique and original. No matter what you write about – a fresh spin or character always wins.

6. Structure is key

A detailed plan will help you to write effective, well-structured copy. Remembering to proof read and draft as you go, this is an important step in order to figure out what you’re going to write about and detect possible issues before you make a start.

Once you’ve gathered the information you need, you can then turn it into an actionable plan, and be ready to tackle content creation.

7. Visuals, use them

Even the best copywriters need an effective layout to ensure people will actually read their copy. Most consumers will not continue reading if the design gives them a headache – no matter how great the content.

Spend time formatting the text and fine-tuning the design to make your copy look attractive. The simpler it is to navigate the better.

8. Keep them keen

You don’t want readers to get to your website/blog and leave the moment they have found what they wanted. Something distinctive that catches their eye and encourages them to read on is key to keeping your readers interested.

Effective website copy can help the reader in their decision-making process through a combination of information and emotion. Hopefully these tips can help you create website or blog copy that is moving and memorable without being extensive or complicated.






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